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The New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange conducted research at the end of their first open enrollment. The results of the study were dismal–enrollments were down, confusion was high and awareness was low. K2MD was hired to increase enrollment, correct the high level of market confusion, and improve awareness of the Exchange’s purpose and benefits. As a new category, consumers didn’t understand what a health exchange was and were, therefore, even more confused with the name of the website “Be Well NM”.


Our preference is to drive every brand change with factual data and consumer insight. Fortunately, we had the research to do just that. Though our first preference would have been to simplify and consolidate the two names (New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange and Be Well NM) into one brand, there was no time to implement such a significant change. Instead, we re-prioritized the identities. Be Well NM would become the primary retail brand and New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange would function in the background as the governing body for Be Well NM. Simple, direct, educational messages were employed to solve this complex problem.

To address the confusion of what a health insurance exchange is, we used this simple and informative descriptor at every touchpoint.


increase in enrollments


Never underestimate the power of simplicity. The results exceeded expectations and projections. Enrollments increased by 62.5%. Awareness more than doubled and virtually every medium outperformed industry standards.


Statewide outreach

In addition to advertising, the program required a nimble collateral system and templates to produce information on the fly.


Statewide enrollment

Coordination of materials and event promotions were another part of the success of the program

Drive them to the website.

And when you get them there, connect it to the brand, make it simple to use and easy to navigate.


OF website visits
were post impression

This tells us that the advertising campaign generated great brand awareness since the users returned days / weeks to the website.

Entertaining & Educational

Television commercials told a story with simple animated icons, a friendly voice and happy music. Honestly, they were hard not to watch, which resulted in an incredibly high play-through rate.


of all viewers online
watched entire video

That means 4.7 million additional added-value viewers watching the TV spots online.

Online Advertising

Statewide placement of website homepage takeovers and online banner advertising resulted in over 3 million views.


Above National Average

Native American & Spanish speaking audiences

Additional campaigns were created with specific messages for unique audiences and cultures such as Native Americans and Spanish language audiences.

Creating Awareness

Outdoor advertising was an integral part of creating brand awareness which resulted in a 158% increase of awareness within the uninsured audience. We used the power of digital out-of-home with timely messages such as countdown for deadlines which drove traffic to the website.

Measured Campaign Results


in enrollments


Above industry standards
For online success


Above industry standards
For online engagement