New Mexico Lottery

spicing up the NM lottery

What We Did.

  • Campaign Development
  • Point of Sale Materials
  • Television
  • Radio


Over time, every brand tends to lose some visibility and needs a little help. When that happens, rebranding or refreshing the brand aesthetic is often the best solution to reconnect with loyal customers and reach out to new prospective audiences.

New Mexico Lottery scratch-off games (branded as Scratchers) are an inexpensive form of fun and a chance to win prizes of all sizes. Scratchers compete in a very crowded marketplace with a wide variety of products, all vying for consumers’ attention and discretionary dollar. From snacks to soft drinks to a package of gum, the choices are endless, but none offer what Scratchers offer–fun, excitement and a chance to win big prizes. The goal was to reverse the trend of steadily declining sales by reminding consumers of the benefits and value of the product and encourage trial.


We identified the unique attributes of Scratchers as 1.) fun and entertaining 2.) a chance to win some pretty big prizes and 3.) they’re portable. As we explored the variety of ways we could repackage this product line, we gravitated towards ideas that leveraged New Mexico’s unique culture.


The tagline we developed to relaunch the product line was “Viva la Fun!” This playful blend of Spanish and English began to define the campaign. We used Mariachis in festively decorated costumes to visually communicate “fun/fiesta” and recorded the recognizable Lottery theme music Mariachi style. “A fiesta of fun wherever you are.” was the idea behind television commercials, radio and in-store point of sale. We redesigned the Scratchers logo and created graphics that capitalized on the bright and colorful Mexican papel picado banners or paper cutout banners.


We were successful in our goal to reverse the trend of declining sales as the campaign resulted in an immediate 12% increase in sales compared to the same time the year before!