Share New Mexico

a ground-up start up

What We Did.

  • Brand Strategy
    Brand Identity Design
    Collateral Design
    Promotional Video
    Website Design
    Search Engine Optimization

Everything is easier and better when we work together toward common goals. That is the idea behind this innovative online resource designed to help New Mexico non-profits leverage collected data, share resources and engage others in their mission to improve the communities they serve. From the simple but powerful name, to a logo that visually portrays the digital and cultural dynamic central to the organization and a website design that makes it easy for non-profits to share, K2MD helped develop a brand that rises above the dullness often expressed by social resource brands.

Our strategy map defined key resonant messages to align organizational philosophies and offerings with our target audience’s desires. A simple, bright yellow, black and white color palette combined with bold, graphic typography and youthful black and white photography created the aesthetic platform for a stand-out brand. Our media strategy combined a highly efficient mix of digital and traditional media channels.

The goal of SHARE New Mexico was to simplify access and share information. K2MD followed this philosophy with a smart and intuitive website designed for ease-of-use.

SEO by the numbers.


elevated ranking for relevant keywords


increase in traffic