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Tracking Solar Success

Array Technologies

Industrywide, solar tracking systems have had a reputation of high cost and high maintenance. In 2012, Array Technologies decided to change that perception with a heavy-duty monster of a tracker that delivered reliability with maximum power production. With customers around the globe, Array needed a brand program that quickly and easily explained the engineering behind this utility-scale product. K2MD put a new spin on their brand with a complete website redesign, industry trade publication ad campaign, tradeshow exhibits and a new marketing collateral program.

Strong Brand programs have to do more than look good, they have to be flexible enough to serve a multitude of functions, maintain consistency while balancing the aesthetic latitude needed to keep it fresh.

Solar businesses almost always feature their product on bright sunny days. A case of “when your competition zigs, you should zag”! Our strategy for selling this utility-scale tracker was to feature it’s brute strength by promoting reliability in the worst of conditions. Dark, brooding and mysterious, this campaign rocked.